Master Thoroughfare Plan

06 Master Thoroughfare Plan NEW.pdf


A Master Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) establishes a community’s transportation policy direction and provides a long-term vision of the major street network necessary to meet future mobility needs. The thoroughfare network forms one of the most visible and permanent elements of the community. The MTP, Future Land Use Plan and Comprehensive Master Plan establish the framework for community growth and development, and forms a long-range statement of public policy. This plan serves as the primary tool to enable the City to preserve future corridors and the necessary right-of-way to establish appropriate thoroughfare corridors as development occurs and to improve the existing street system as the need arises. The MTP locates and classifies streets by needed capacity for through traffic, access to adjacent land uses, and compatibility with each street’s development character. Street design guidance in this plan provides the ability to better integrate networks of other mode choices, including walking and bicycling. The plan guides future investments and provides the public and the development community with information about the long-term plan for the road network. Simply put, a Master Thoroughfare Plan is a community’s blueprint for a safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation system. It seeks to create and sustain a system that balances local and regional priorities and existing and future conditions, to steer the community toward its vision for the future.

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