Storm Drainage

10 Storm Drainage Master Plan NEW.pdf


The City had it’s first Comprehensive Storm Drainage Master Plan completed in April 1983. The plan consisted of an area of approximately 1,200 acres of both residential and commercial developments and established a baseline for drainage criteria and provided three alternatives in addressing the drainage concerns at the time and established a guide to implement proposed improvements, priorities and associated costs.

Subsequent on June 6, 2018, The City authorized Phase 1 update to the Storm Drain Master Plan. This is intended to be a planning tool, and the recommendations provided shall be subject to additional engineering prior to design. The limit of the study area consisted of approximately 335 acres of both residential and commercial developments and a detailed study near the Suites at Sunchase. Inventory data collection was done as part of this phase to determine the City’s assets. As part of this report was to obtain additional elevation information to finalize the analysis.

On October 13, 2020 Phase 1b, Storm Drain Master Plan was completed. This report analysis Phase 1 identified Drainage Area no. 123 comprised of 3.42 acres to determine deficiencies in the existing drainage system and providing criteria for proposed residential and commercial developments.

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