Business, Economy & Tourism Plan

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The Convention & Visitors Advisory Board chapter was approved January 26th, 2022.


Comprehensive planning is a proactive way for communities to address current and projected changes in population and economic conditions, and to allocate resources more effectively to take advantage of opportunities and to mitigate threats. Comprehensive planning is a process that helps identify challenges and opportunities as well as formulate strategies and solutions that leverage a community’s strengths to take advantage of opportunities and to deal with weaknesses and threats, declining economic situations, and making cities and towns more resilient to economic downturns and recessions. South Padre Island’s geography predetermines its economy. Two principal sectors dominate the Island’s economy – 1) hospitality and tourism, and 2) real estate. As a tourist destination, South Padre Island’s economy fluctuates wildly between peak and off-peak months. The City’s primary economic goals are to dampen the impact of seasonality by developing a year-round economy and by attracting more businesses, residents, and more tourists during the off-peak season.

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