City of South Padre Island

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

We wish to thank the following officials who have volunteered their time to represent the community on providing guidance to the consultant team:

  • Dennis Stahl - Mayor of South Padre Island
  • Alita Bagley - Council Member
  • Clayton Brashear - Clayton's Beach Bar and Grill
  • Irv Downing - EDC Board Member
  • Patrick McNulty - Willis Development
  • Kyra Hudson - Shallow Sport Boats
  • Troy Giles - Troy Giles Realty
  • Wally Jones - Padre Getaways

Listing of All Committee Members and Affiliation (IE Resident, Business Owner, etc)

City Staff

  • City Manager - Susan Guthrie
  • Assistant City Manager - Darla Jones
  • Planning Director - Clifford Cross
  • Public Information Officer - Angelique "Nikki" Soto


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