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City of South Padre Island

SPI Comprehensive Plan Public meeting scheduled

The City of South Padre Island will host a public meeting to obtain input from citizens of South Padre Island regarding the Comprehensive Plan on May 1, 2018 at 4 p.m. in City Hall located, 4601 Padre Blvd.

South Padre Island is in the process of creating the plan for its future, “The Island Way – South Padre Island’s Comprehensive Plan.” This plan is a collective effort between the residents, the City Council, staff and all associated stakeholders in charting the course for South Padre Island’s future growth.

“Community participation is key to this planning process,” said Susan Guthrie, city manager. “This meeting will provide an opportunity for residents to be involved, suggest priorities and strategies and help create a vision for the future of the Island.”

The Comprehensive Plan is an important document; Not only does it help guide zoning decisions, but it also helps coordinate future development and priorities for public spending.

The Comprehensive Plan attempts to answer questions like:

• What does the city look like today?

• What do we want South Padre to look like tomorrow?

• How do we get there?