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City of South Padre Island


2008 City of South Padre Island Comprehensive Plan

In April 2006, the 12 member CPAC committee was appointed by the Board of Aldermen and worked diligently until February 2008 to complete the plan. The committee represented a diverse group of local individuals from a cross section of the community. The committee recognizes that implementation of this plan will require considerable sums of public funds, and the dedication of staff and elected officials to see it unfold.

A Master Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) establishes a community’s transportation policy direction and provides a long-term vision of the major street network necessary to meet future mobility needs. The thoroughfare network forms one of the most visible and permanent elements of the community. The MTP, Future Land Use Plan and Comprehensive Master Plan establish the framework for community growth and development, and forms a long-range statement of public policy.

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